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The home office brings changes to new ventures

With the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work has been adopted by companies from different segments. Two years after the beginning of the health crisis in Brazil, most companies resumed the face-to-face routine or adopted a hybrid system. However, with other strains of the virus appearing and flu outbreaks, some cities have once again adopted some restrictive measures, and some companies have postponed their plans to return to the offices.

Understanding this scenario and the new demands of the market, Opus Incorporadora has designed properties adapted for consumers. Last year, for example, it launched Deck 23 by Opus, a residential building on Rua T-53, in front of Praça T-23, in Setor Bueno, in Goiânia. In addition to the biophilic architecture and design, the development will have a shared coworking space in the common area, with rooms for individual use and meetings.


Commercial environments are also adapting to provide more comfort for companies and their employees. Inaugurated by the developer in the second half of 2021, Pateo 136 will reach the corporate slab market in Goiás with a different proposal of an office that looks like a home.

"Opus mapped market needs and developed new typologies. Pateo 136 has a lot of green, open spaces, greater air circulation and services of rethought solutions to attend both the user and its customers", says Dener Justino, Director of the developer.

Pateo 136 will be built on Avenida 136, in the Marist Sector and will have a facade with balconies, some with double-height ceilings, plants and brick cladding. The rooms will also have large glass frames to get more lighting and take advantage of the natural ventilation of the balconies. With delivery scheduled for 2025, the property will have 33 floors and slabs from 38 sq metres to 708 sq metres.

On the 4th floor, the Mezzanine Garden will have a lounge and an outdoor living area to relax.

"People now want a more human and natural atmosphere, more comfort and well-being within the corporate environment. They are looking for flexible, connected, technological, modern and safe spaces, and that's what we put in Pateo 136 Opus", according to Justino.

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