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The number of High-end offices grows in São Paulo

The city of São Paulo currently has more than 4 million square metres of corporate developments, totalling more than 200 class A+ and A buildings, as indicated by data from the SiiLA platform, a multinational operating in research and analysis of the real estate market in Latin America.

Chucri Zaidan reached the pinnacle in Sao Paulo, a region with the largest volume of built square meter and the largest projected construction activity. By the end of 2023, the region is expected to grow by 200,000 square metres in available office space.

The new Parque da Cidade complex is also located in this region. I recently visited to see the latest corporate towers: Torre Aroeira, Torre Paineira and Torre Jatobá (see video below).

The complex is a real multipurpose. There is an office tower, a residential tower, the Shopping Parque da Cidade, the Four Seasons Hotel, a park, a green area, a living area and much more. But, in addition, the big difference is the three high-end towers, which in total bring new 102,000 square metres of office space to the city.

The quality of the project created a demand on the part of companies to fill the slabs. Torre Aroeira, for example, completed in early 2021, amid the pandemic, is ready with almost 50% of its leased area already.

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