The real estate sector tone is to be selective in the current scenario

The scenario of uncertainty - with high inflation and interest rates and a year dominated by majority elections in the country - led developers to adopt a more cautious stance when drawing up their plans for 2022. The famous "guidances", that is, the goals for the year, give companies to make decisions based on a more careful monitoring of the market. "The tone is selective. During the year, inaugurations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis", says Bruno Mendonça, real estate market analyst at Bradesco BBI.

Cury, Cyrela, Direcional Engenharia, Even, EZTec, Lavvi, Melnick, Miter, Moura Dubeux, MRV&Co, Plano&Plano RNI and Tenda launched the General Sales Value (PSV) of R$35.1 billion in 2021, with a growth of 40.5%. There was an expansion from October to December, but at a lower level, of 18.6%, to R$ 11.7 billion. "Most dared to put projects on the street". The releases in the quarter signalled confidence that the sector is settling down, but not frozen", assesses Mendonça.