The search for warehouses remains high and attracts investment

In 2022, the warehouse segment will have another strong year, with billionaire investments and high demand for leased areas. E-commerce companies, retailers and the pharmaceutical industry are the front centre in contracting spaces. There is a lookout for storage, exchange and distribution of products from the capital of São Paulo - the country's largest market - to other areas in Minas Gerais, Bahia and Pernambuco. According to Giancarlo Nicastro, president of SiiLA, after reducing the vacancy rate for warehouses, the next effect of the strong demand will be the increase in rental prices. Given the high new stock expected for the Brazilian market, however, there may be some increase in the share of vacant spaces compared to the total. "The year begins with scheduled delivery of 3.7 million sq metres in Brazil, a record volume, surpassing that of 2021. Even if the total is reduced to 2.6 million sq metres, the vacancy rate tends to increase a little", says Nicastro. It is common, according to him, to adjust the total initially announced. In 2021, the initial projection of new warehouse stock was 3.38 million sq metres, but the volume was reduced to 2.2 million, according to the president of SiiLA.