The warehouse market reached its peak of growth

The logistics sector boost throughout the country didn’t begin with the pandemic. The period of social distancing has accelerated the growth of e-commerce, including millions of new consumers in this online shopping modality.

In 2019, consultancy Ebit|Nielsen estimated that 10.7 million shoppers had made their first online purchases. The following year, there were 13.1 million new consumers, and in 2021, 12.9 million, reaching 87.7 million online shoppers.

This mass of consumers gave traction to the warehouse market, both for the installation of distribution centres for retailers and for securing stocks. Several sectors resumed the maintenance of ready-made inputs and products after the pandemic as a way to avoid delays in deliveries and fluctuations in raw material prices.

In 2021, the sector broke records for deliveries, with 2.2 million new square meters, the best result since 2013, according to real estate consultancy SiiLA. Now, companies that monitor the sector see a moment of consolidation and some concern about oversupply coming.