The warehouse sector grows with the expansion of e-commerce

The Brazilian market for logistics warehouses registered positive results last year and plans to expand its operations further. Amid the growth of e-commerce, the rental of warehouses, which offer a structure for storage and strategic positioning for product distribution, has become a pivotal point to supply the demand for deliveries across the country.

E-commerce had a 68% increase in sales and doubled its share in retail in 2020, according to the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm), which increased the segment of logistics spaces.

"E-commerce is pure logistics. Many companies that migrated to this modality realised the benefit of using logistic condominiums, which have become an alternative for survival in such a difficult market", according to Giancarlo Nicastro, CEO of SiiLA Brasil, a platform specialised in real estate market analysis.

"Condominiums helped the e-commerce segment a lot. They already have a ready structure, are safer, have a strategic location and end up reducing the costs of operations", adds Sérgio Maia, manager of logistics projects at Grupo Log.

The perspective in Bahia

Despite not yet having such a consolidated structure in the sector, Bahia recorded a vital expansion in 2020. Data from SiiLA Brasil showed that the state had increased almost 38 thousand square metres in the stock of the logistics condominium market last year, and only 3.4% of the area was left vacant. The survey considers the regions of Salvador, Feira de Santana, Camaçari and Simões Filho.

In addition, the state also has potential for market growth in its territory.

“The low unemployment rate shows that the demand is very high, and there are already pre-allocations. For this year, the forecast for delivery in Bahia is 218 thousand square metres, more than everything already available on the market, which shows that the trend should continue”, says Giancarlo Nicastro.

The highlight of the sector in the state in 2020 was the opening of Bresco Bahia, a logistical condominium opened in Lauro de Freitas, 30 km from the centre of Salvador, by the company Bresco Investimentos. The area was leased to Mercado Livre, an e-commerce giant that established its first Distribution Center in the Northeast of Bahia.

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