'There is still a lot of money in savings or funds with high rates', says President of the Órama

In a market in full swing and with a growing fight for offices of autonomous agents led mainly by XP and BTG Pactual, Órama Investimentos have been eyeing the dispute for Brazilian investments. Its choice has been to position itself as a technological partner for companies, such as the agents' offices themselves, who directly offer investment offers to their clients.

The odds are on a "white label" model, which is one in which the platform is fully customised to the partner. There is an agreement on the table, says Órama co-founder and president Habib Nascif Neto, for the same platform to be adopted now by companies from other sectors, which may be retailers' marketplaces, he says.

"Brazilians still have a lot of money in savings accounts or banks, in funds with high management fees. We had a combination of important factors, such as low-interest rates. Even if it goes up, it will be infinitely smaller than we were used to. There is a power of transformation aligned to search for more content and information, which people didn't have before. Other than that, people started to get more plugged in and using smartphones. There is a lot of room for growth," said Habib Nascif Neto, CEO of Órama Investimentos.