To expand e-commerce, retailers create a tangled up network

This is how Brazilian retail is defined when it comes to creating virtual malls owned by some companies, which presents in the digital environments of other retailers. The trend is increasingly common and has entered companies' strategic focus such as Dotz, data and points programs. To speed up the progress of its marketplace, the group intends to bring giants to its shopping environment that already have their own online shopping initiatives and loyalty programs, such as Carrefour, Via Varejo and Magazine Luiza, which are already Dotz retailers.

"Establishing partnerships with retailers is part of our DNA. Our focus is not to compete with other marketplaces or retailers, but to create partnerships to enhance the value of the Dotz currency in the customer's daily life", says Cristiano Athayde, Director of Digital Commerce and Marketplace at Dotz.

The fashionable term is now "coopetition", but the partner at the retail consultancy Mixxer, Eugênio Foganholo, defines it in a less embellished way: "a tangle".

He explains that the objective of a retailer that already acts as a virtual mall to be present as a retailer in a competitive environment is to create points of contact with the consumer. "Each digital space reaches a certain audience. The more contact points, the more chances of reaching new consumers", he says.

He says that this type of progress can be compared to expanding physical stores that companies are doing to seek new markets. In his view, the supply of these malls without bricks tends to multiply, improving conditions for Brazilian retailers.