Valuators Assess Real Estate Investment Conditions in Mexico

For valuation specialists, Mexico is one of the countries in the Latin American region that stands out for its favorable conditions for real estate investment, due to external factors such as economic indicators in the United States and some segments that show good performance at a national level.

During the SiiLA Live webinar, Andrés Robayo, managing director of Logan Valuation Mexico, explained that despite the fact that real estate sectors, such as office real estate, have been affected at a national and global level, there are others, such as the hotel sector, that have sustained positive results.

"Despite what people thought, the hospitality and hotel market is doing very well. Cancun has historical occupancies that it did not have even before 2019, and revenues have been rising considerably," he detailed.

For Alejandro Delgado, country manager of SiiLA Mexico, the country's population pyramid, in which most people are young, will be a factor that will trigger a greater need for housing, workplaces and other real estate in the medium term. Read the full article (in Spanish)