Via acquires logtech CNT with a focus on fulfilment operations

The owner of the Casas Bahia and Ponto banners, Via, announced on Wednesday (12) the acquisition of the logistics company CNT to speed up its fulfilment and full commerce services for the Brazilian market.

According to the statement to the market, the acquisition "should provide a rapid and consistent improvement in the level of service to the company's customers and marketplace partners", bringing improvements to the shopping experience and speed of delivery of orders, as well as the dilution of logistics costs.

Via hasn't disclosed the transaction amount. Also according to the statement, of the 1.2 million sq metres from the retailer in its logistics operation (excluding store areas), up to 250,000 sq metres will be allocated to fulfilment and full commerce operations, served by a fleet of more than 4,000 vehicles and coverage throughout Brazil.

CNT specializes in complete offers for e-commerce operations, multi marketplace and plug & play platforms, operating for 11 in fulfilment operations and 4 in full commerce. With two distribution centres, in Barueri (SP) and Serra (ES), CNT has a strong customers base in its portfolio, such as Café Pilão, Goodyear, Santa Lolla and Kraft Heinz.