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Viveo invests in the expansion of distribution centers

Investment reaches R$ 40 million

The manufacturer of medicines and medical materials, Viveo is investing R$ 40 million in expanding six distribution centers and a new center located in Nova Santa Rita, in Rio Grande do Sul.

“The logistical potential of the city was fundamental for the choice. The easy access to the capital and the connection to the main highways made Nova Santa Rita a strategic city to promote the expansion of the Viveo Distribution Center in Rio Grande do Sul”, according to Villeon Jacinto, Supply Chain Director at Viveo.

The objective of the investment is to expand distribution, ensuring better efficiency and increasing the level of service. The investment plan is scheduled until the end of the first semester. The Distribution Centers in Indaial (SC), Jaboatão dos Guararapes (PE), and Brasília (DF) will be renovated and will have their storage capacities increased by up to 100%. The Ribeirão Preto (SP), Catalão (GO), and Londrina (PR) CDs will be renovated. Want to learn more about the commercial real estate market? Follow SiiLA on social media and write your suggestions to

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