Warm & Shell - the ready-to-go office!

Find out more about the term widely used within the office real estate market

We have already talked about what Core & Shell is and its benefits for those who are going to rent an office. Now it's time to get to know another term widely used in the corporate real estate market, Warm & Shell, or ready-to-use.

The term Warm & Shell can be used for commercial and residential developments. This nomenclature is used in properties that, unlike Core &Shell, already have raised floors, mineral ceilings, lighting and air conditioning systems. All these items above make the property ready for occupancy, also often called ready for use.

Properties in this condition are perfect for tenants looking for immediate occupation because, as they already have the structure assembled, there is no need to wait for an installation completion or something similar.

Ready-to-use office in the ITC Building - International Trade

Center Business, available at SiiLA SPOT.

Core to Warm & Shell transformation cost

In one of the SiiLA Academy 2022 classes, Daniel Lannicelli (Commercial andNew Business Director at IT's Informov) got an average of the cost to transforma Core & Shell slab to Warm &Shell. The calculation was based on aClass A building slab of 1,500 sq metres. The value can vary from R$1,200.00 toR$1,500.00 per sq metre; this average price includes only the basic itemslisted at the beginning.

Another important point regarding the cost of a Warm & Shell slab is theprice compared to other slabs. Properties offered under these conditions areoften even cheaper for tenants.

As they are already ready for use, the new tenant does not have much expense to install their operation in the new office. Unlike a Core & Shell slab, which does not yet have any of the items, thetenant will be able to design their office from scratch through out the space.

For those looking to rent Warm & Shell properties, it is good to know thatthis type of space does not offer much flexibility for the tenant to remodelthe office as they wish, as the area is already ready for use.

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