"We have to create something that makes a difference", says Didi Pei about the B32 design

Source: SiiLA Brasil

On Wednesday morning (17th), the SiiLA team followed the 'Private Initiative and Public Space' event at therecently inaugurated B32 Theater, which is part of the B32 corporate complex,in Faria Lima, in São Paulo.

Rafael Birmann, who heads the developer Birmann S/A, opened the event, highlighting the challenge of the project, designed to have an openspace, which spoke with the objectives sought by the company, uniting all the gigantic nature of the work with sustainable principles.

Next, the Chinese-American architect Didi Pei, the American designer Thomas Balsley and the Brazilian architect and urban planner Eiji Hayakawa, responsible trio for the design of the B32 building, square and theatre, chimed inaddressing the project since its creation and how companies and government canincreasingly work together to promote more humanized urban spaces.

Didi Pei stressed that, upon getting to know the Faria Lima region, he was surprised by so many corporate buildings with similar esthetics and observed: "We have to create something that makes a difference in the region". The Birmann 32 corporate building was launched in July and is already leased to large companies such as Facebook and Shopee.

According to data and analysis by SiiLA, Faria Lima has a total inventory of 744,903 sq metres of corporate slabs spread over 62 buildings, and currently, the occupancy rate is 87.4%.To learn more about the Faria Lima region, watch our video:

To learn more about the Faria Lima region, watch our video: