"We will go through a revolution when 5G arrives at the offices", says CEO of SiiLA Brasil

On Thursday (27), SiiLA Brasil's CEO, Giancarlo Nicastro, joined the live stream "Inside the office market", which addressed the main transformations and trends of new corporate ventures promoted by CoreNet Global Brazil. The debate mediated by Gabriella Marques, president of CoreNet Brasil, was also joined by BR Properties president Martín Jaco.

According to Nicastro, the future is increasing technology in buildings, connecting even more people and spaces.

"We are going to go through a technological revolution when 5G arrives at the offices. It will be the great leap that will make companies stand out, especially those that are already ready to support 5G technology", he said.

For Jaco, the trend towards humanisation has finally arrived in the office market with the increase of remote work policies and flexible working hours for employees, coupled with the growing concern of organisations with the employee's well-being. Still, according to the president of BR Properties, even though remote work policies continue to be part of the companies' strategies, the offices will continue to be essential. They might have even greater relevance than they had before the pandemic:

"And companies need its headquarters, which is where the organisation's culture is disseminated, training and innovation take place".

For the CEO of SiiLA Brasil, the office sector is undergoing accommodation after all the changes we have experienced with the pandemic.

"We observed that companies realise that offices remain essential, and we have already started to see this translated into numbers," he said.

During the broadcast, the audience was also the first to watch a video about Parque da Cidade, a recently launched venture by BR Properties in the Chucri Zaidan region in the city of São Paulo.

Considered the most complete mixed-use development in São Paulo capital, Parque da Cidade has 132,000 square metres spread over three towers with LEED Gold certifications for sustainable buildings, and LEED Neighbourhood, which recognises properties that combine the principles of New Urbanism, taking into account the surroundings and the neighbourhood for its smart and sustainable growth.

According to the president of BR Properties, the project was designed for the full use of the area, providing resting spaces for any pedestrian walking in the region, a walking trail, bicycle parking, among other facilities. The launch also features an innovative system, which collects solid waste from vacuum from the offices.

Watch the full broadcast here