What companies most took hold of office space from the beginning of 2022 until now?


IT companies have surprised when it comes to occupying offices. SiiLA compiled the three companies that most leased high-end corporate buildings this year. Data monitored by SiiLA's Market Analytics platform indicate that Google was the company that leased the most office space from July to September.

São Paulo Corporate Towers

The tech giant had already made a big move in 2021, expanding its headquarters in the high-end development Pátio Victor Malzoni, located in Faria Lima, São Paulo, from 15,200 sq meters to 17,800 sq meters. In 2022 alone, Google leased more than 14,800 sq meters. There were 8,000 sq meters in São Paulo Corporate Towers, an A+ building in Vila Olímpia, and more than 6,400 sq meters in Sky Corporate, an installation of the same standard, also in Vila Olímpia.

The Asian Shopee also ranked the companies that rented the most office buildings in the period, with a take-up of almost 14,000 sq meters in class A+ developments in São Paulo. From 11,000 sq meters at Faria Lima Plaza and another 2,700 sq meters at Berrini One.

In third place, the Mexican car buying and selling startup Kavak appears. The company leased 9,000 sq meters in the B2 Paineira tower in Parque da Cidade, an A+ in the Chucri Zaidan region.

SiiLA's exclusive survey was highlighted in an article by Bloomberg Linea. Check out the full article here.