What is the Current Outlook for the Mexican Real Estate Market?

During his participation in the most recent SiiLA Live: 2022 Projections for the real estate market, led by Alejandro Delgado, Country Manager of SiiLA, Gustavo Tomé, president of Fibra Plus, shared his perspectives on the current outlook for the sector in the country.

On the subject of offices, the businessman mentioned that a favorable scenario is observed for Class A corporate spaces; since they have very good locations and, above all, are designed for the new requirements of the new normality.

"On the office side, what we realized is that well-located, well-designed offices that allow you to have privacy, cleanliness, hygiene, contact-free access, intelligent elevators and all these new demands to be more comfortable, are resilient buildings; and they are going to be susceptible to have access to the best tenants and the best rents. While properties that cannot provide these features will tend to have a hard time," he said. Read the full article