With Amazon and Magalu, Ceará is experiencing a solid expansion of logistics condominiums

With the heating up of e-commerce and the operation of new distribution centres, Ceará is experiencing strong growth in the logistics condominium sector.

These equipment are large enclosed spaces, equipped with service infrastructure for storage and logistical operation, and can be used by multiple companies.

According to the research obtained by this column shows that, in the 3rd quarter of this year, the occupation of these warehouses in Ceará reached 99.7%. There are 314,000 square meters of the total area devoted to this modality, the equivalent of nearly 45 football fields. The monitoring was carried out by SiiLA, a multinational operating in the commercial real estate market in Latin America.

The three main occupants of condominiums in Ceará are Magazine Luiza, Amazon and Drogasil.

Over 30% of tenants are from the retail sector, 27% from the transport and logistics sector, and 12% are from the food and beverage sector. These three significant activities make up the largest market shares.

The success of the Log Fortaleza II project in Itaitinga, clearly illustrates the moment of expansion in the sector. SiiLA informs that the 45 thousand square metre condominium, located in the region of the 4th ring road, is leased in full.

According to survey data, Amazon, which operates its recently opened distribution centre at the site, had 31.7 thousand sq metres, while Assaí Atacadista occupies another 12,900 sq metres.Between July and September, the Ceará market did not register returns and leased a total area of 52,762 sq metres, points out SiiLA.

If it weren't for the residual stock of some warehouses in Fortaleza, which account for 0.3% vacancy, it would have been fully occupied. In the region of Caucaia, which has only high-end areas, the 37 thousand sq metres are entirely filled.

According to data from the SiiLA platform, the three largest logistics condominiums in Ceará are LOG Fortaleza, LOG Fortaleza II and CLF – Logistical Condominium of Fortaleza.