With the adoption of a flexible model, Libbs will deliver a building in Barra Funda

Later this month, Libbs Farmacêutica will halt its administrative unit, located in Barra Funda, in São Paulo. The news was revealed by the company's HR director, Madalena Ribeiro, in an RH 4.0 series Valor live stream last Tuesday (5).

With over 60 years in business, Libbs is a Brazilian company with around 3 thousand employees, distributed between the administrative headquarters, logistics centre and industrial unit.

Throughout the pandemic, professionals in the administrative areas continued to work in the home office model, and after internal research, the company identified that 90% preferred to continue working remotely. With that, Libbs decided to hand over the administrative headquarters of Barra Funda. According to Madalena, the regional offices had already been returned at the beginning of the pandemic.

To meet the needs of employees who prefer to be in an office environment, Libbs has been working since the beginning of 2021 with coworking spaces spread across São Paulo and will expand the project to all of Brazil to serve regional teams.

"Employees register on the website and ask to reserve a job, using all the complete infrastructure of the place, such as parking, cafe and internet", said the executive. According to her, spaces can be used in different regions, such as Paulista, around Perdizes, in the east and south of São Paulo, among other places.

According to SiiLA's Market Analytics platform, the building that will be returned in Barra Funda is a class C development, with three floors and more than 2,000 sq metres of total private area.