With the e-commerce boom, the country's demand for logistics warehouses soars

While shopping malls and corporate slabs saw their vacant spaces for rent increase due to social isolation and remote work, warehouses in high-end logistics condominiums are in the opposite situation. With the recorded delivery of 2.2 million square meters of new areas last year, high-end warehouses in the country remain restricted. There are no warehouses for rent in the North, Northeast and South states.

The squeeze caused by the explosion of e-commerce meant that 2021 ended with the lowest average rate of empty warehouses in the country in seven years, 10.19%, according to a survey by SiiLA, a company specializing in market research. In Sergipe and Paraíba, the vacancy is zero. In Ceará and Espírito Santo, it does not reach 1%. In Amazonas, Pará, Goiás and Santa Catarina it is below 4%.

Even the State of São Paulo, which concentrates most of the new ventures, faces supply problems. São Paulo's average vacancy rate of 12.31%, slightly above the national average, is still very low and the lowest in seven years. And in the most coveted municipalities, such as Cajamar and Barueri, this rate varies between 6% and 7%.

"The advance of e-commerce that happened with the pandemic increased the demand for warehouses in more distant regions of the country, where the offer of better quality assets is smaller", says Giancarlo Nicastro, CEO of SiiLA and responsible for the research. This has led to a faster reduction in the availability of empty warehouses in these locations. The higher demand is already starting to impact prices in some regions, mainly in more upscale areas within a radius of 30 kilometres from the city of São Paulo. The cumulative increase in two years reaches 35%.