WTorre negotiates the sale of the future tallest skyscraper in São Paulo for R$1.5 billion

WTorre is negotiating the sale of the Alto das Nações business building project. It will be the largest building in the city of São Paulo, with 39 floors and 216 meters high. The delivery of the work is scheduled for 2025. Among those interested is BR Properties. The conversations have been going on for months, but so far without a firm proposal.

The future building will be a giant with 86 thousand square meters of gross leasable area (GLA) for offices. The requested amount is approximately R$1.5 billion. It represents something in the range of R$19 thousand to R$22 thousand per square meter plus a discount rate of 7% for adjustment to present value.

The negotiations also cover the possibility of slicing the tower between more than one buyer. WTorre is also interested in keeping part of the project. Sought, companies did not comment.